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We try to anticipate some of the questions you might have about our services and with computer systems and/or other devices in general. We hope to provide some answers here. If you need additional information, please feel free to either telephone us, send us an email or you can use the form on the 'Contact Us' page. 


Virus or Malware..

What is the most common security issue and how do I fix it?

Malware is the most common threat  - more so now days then even a virus. Having good protection via security software ( Both anti virus and anti malware programs ) will protect your computer from most threats. 

New or Repair..

thwhile upgrading an older computer ?

With today's rapidly expanding technology, efficient and cheaper manufacturing costs, sometimes it's a better decision to purchase a new system. Upgrading a current computer would depend on personal requirements and the cost to do so, as opposed to the cost of a new system. 


What basic improvements can speed up your average computer?

Regular maintenance such as malware protection, defragging hardrive and good file management can keep your computer operating efficiently. More memory ( RAM ) and/or a more powerful graphics card can help as well, again depending on your personal requirements. 


our company deal with other devices as well ? ( i.e. Tablets, Smart Phones ect ).

Absolutely all of the above and with home theatre systems as well as ( HDMI - Optical, Component ) connections issues to your computer and AVR. We are often asked to make recommendations and/or to purchase recommended equipment and do set up on behalf of our clients, no matter the type of computer or specific device(s).


is your company compared to other companies offering similar services ?

My company has long standing expertise and a knowledge base established over the years .. that with a reliable reputable supplier whom strives to maintain price guarantees, helps to keep our costs very competitive and effective from a North American pricing standpoint - quite often, the lowest price in fact, this based on minimal or non-profit framework. 

Laptop or Desktop..

ptop ?

Laptops are much more efficient and powerful today and the cost of owning one is way down from when they first arrived on the market and of course the portability factor comes into play. Desktops are also cheaper and more powerful in this day and age, including the fact that they are more upgradeable, at a usually much cheaper cost than a laptop. The primary question being do you require portability or a fixed station / computer  - which would suit your needs more appropriately ? Do you expect to want to upgrade components, especially on a regular basis? Also the screen size is more optional when purchasing a desktop ( very large screens ), so depending on the tasks you need perform on your computer, will make a difference in deciding also. i.e. Grpahic and Video Artists and Gamers generally prefer a desktop, at least as their primary computer. Students and Business types more inclined to a laptop, though not always the rule.

Blue Screen of Death..

BlueCrashes - Blue Screen of Death - What To Do ?

Usually this is a hardware issue due to a new hardware component added, bad drivers and/or Windows updates that do not recognize those devices. One can try to find the proper updated drivers, connect the device in a different port or sometimes System Restore is a viable option. Failure of a major component such as hardrive, memory or motherboard can cause complete failure and such components may have to be replaced.