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 Welcome to the uptildawntech information page. We continually strive to provide a myriad of services to meet YOUR personal home or business requirements via our expertise, Industry Standard reknown top name Hardware and Software. Our goal is to always deliver quickly and efficiently. We want you, our valued customer, to be pleased and secure in your decision to depend on us for your technological needs, always. Here you'll find a list of our company's services, stated in simple easy to understand terms.


New System Setup

Collaboration of complete new system design, recommendations, setup and implementation per your specifications and requirements.

Tech Solutions and Repair

Trouble shooting, advice, solutions and implementation of repairs for a faulty system be it software and/or hardware issues.

System Upgrades

Consultation and subsequent recommendation what would work specifically for your needs, regarding the upgrade of your current home based or business computer system - These upgrades could be either software and/or hardware based.

Software Solutions

To add and implement programs and applications that suit your personal needs and that of your business enterprise.

Hardware Solutions

Superior brand name parts tailored to your specific needs at competitive or below average nationwide costs via a major reputable and timely supplier.

IT Networks

Setup and Implementation for Network Sharing and/or Security of Home and Business Networking. ( Industry standard Anti Virus and Anti Malware - IP Security ).

Security Solutions

Industry standard Applications to give you absolute peace of mind via Anti Virus and Anti Malware software and/or alternative security programming.

Graphic & Web Design

A host of possibilities here. I'm an experienced photographer and video artist - enhanced and/or altered images - photo retouching - slides - business cards and publications - web design. We've a vast variety of in-house software and applications to carry these tasks out.

Basic Computer Training

Dedicated Computer Basics Training - One on One. Essential knowledge base teaching, so you understand how a computer works ..  navigation, file management, copy / paste functions and other basic requirements to allow the novice to operate the computer in a comfort zone.


uptildawntech is strictly NON-PROFIT albeit a hobbyist organaization and company. We merely seek to cover costs involved in resolving client opportunities and agreements. We are always striving to keep our pricing constantly competitive for both parts and occasionally labour fees, particularily if third parties are involved in a specific project. Beause we are essentially a localized enterprise involved mostly with individualized or custom work orders, the pricing varies, naturally in accordance with each individual customer and their respective order. 

Most payments are via cash currency and bank e-Transfer, soley intended to cover various costs, parts, special orders. To that end minimal / small gratuities within reason are welcome. Please feel free to contact us for individual pricing and payment arrangements to cover the costs of your respective project.